About Molly

Hello, I’m Molly! I live in Lacombe, Alberta and I love to travel (so if you are going somewhere beautiful, take me with you)! One of my favorite things about photography is the people that it has allowed me to connect with. I love getting to know my clients and telling their story. I love small, relaxed weddings and elopements, and I also enjoy working with families and grads.


DSC_6103Here are a few things that you might not know about me:

-I love dogs, I get really excited when a couple asks to include their pup in an engagement session and I do a happy dance if their dog will be included in their wedding.
-I am bilingual, I use that as an excuse for my terrible spelling even though when I went to Quebec all of the locals would immediately switch to English when I tried to use my French. So apparently on top of being an awful speller I also can’t speak French as fluently as I thought.
-I am a life long learner. Every year I take at least one course from a photographer that I look up to and I am constantly improving and fine tuning my craft.


If you have any questions or if you are interested in booking with me I would love to chat with you, just send me an email. Thank you for stopping by!


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